"A product of science and technology"

After finishing my studies at the Minerva art Academy in Groningen, I became fascinated by science and by the world of multinationals. Since then, I developed and established my own (art)multinational High Tech Brain Technologies (HTBT). In the name of this multinational I effectuated different art projects, signed as HTBT.TV, -Pharma and –Lab.

When I myself became chronically ill, I started looking at illness and health in a more personal manner and I incorporated my illnesses and medications into self-portraits, within a project called ‘Look (at) inside me’. With pencils, I scratched my own X-rays, scans and viruses on meters high canvasses.

This duality of, on the one hand the beauty of science, the Western promise of a healthier and longer life, the idea that everything can be made proclaimed by chemical and pharmaceutical multinationals, and on the other hand the brutal selfishness, the financial gain, the polluting effects on the environment, all of this fascinates me.

My installations are outlandish, three-dimensional still-lives of production processes of which one does not know the origins. Bottles and containers filled with fluids and chemicals on wooden assembly lines which could resemble industrial processes or secret drug labs. The coloured light that looks like it could be radioactive and that constantly changes, the peculiar sounds and on the other hand the beauty of organizing, the glass and the fluids that break and strengthen light in a most beautiful manner.

This narrative, almost theatrical aspect is very important in my work. I achieve it by researching different setups of objects in the available space, organizing, categorizing the collected items and by using many different materials like glass, plastic, wood and fluids. By using light and sound I can as well influence the space and ambience.